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The UCR Office of Development is a proud partner with the thousands of alumni, parents and friends who have chosen to take a key role in shaping the face and future of this rapidly growing campus. The generosity of our donors not only enhances the quality of the UCR educational experience, it helps countless young people attain the skills and knowledge they need to succeed and lead in the 21st century.

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We Invite You to Contact Us

We invite you to contact us:

Office of Development
Mailing Address:
900 University Avenue, MC063
Riverside, CA 92521
Physical Address:
1955 Chicago Avenue, Ste. 200
Riverside, CA 92507
(951) 827-5611
Office of Annual Giving
Mailing Address:
900 University Avenue, MC190
Riverside, CA 92521
Physical Address:
1201 University Avenue, Ste. 201
Riverside, CA, 92521
Roberta Albert Assistant Director for Stewardship and Donor Relations
Work(951) 827-5247
LaDonna Ardary Foundation and Donor Relations Liaison
Work(951) 827-5667
Kate Beach Associate Director of Regional Development
Work(951) 827-1230
Kristi Bieber Regional Director of Development
Work(951) 312-7186
Bryan Carlson Executive Director, Foundation Development
Work(951) 827-4592
Clyde D Derrick Director of Development, Graduate School of Education
Work(951) 827-6388
Elliot L Emmer Telefund Manager
Work(951) 827-2169
Peggy Fairall Administrative Assistant
Work(951) 827-5596
Marissa Fullum-Campbell Director of Development, Northern California
Work(951) 941-9481
Megan Elizabeth Gauger Associate Director of Development, UCR Libraries
Work(951) 313-1529
Amanda K Gomes Assoc Dir of Development, CNAS
Work(951) 827-5074
Daisy Gonzalez Senior Prospect Research Analyst
Work(951) 827-7147 x27147
Matt Heimdahl Assistant Director, Constituent Development Analytics
Work(951) 827-5609
Norelia Maldonado Huerta Director, Constituent Research & Development
Work(951) 827-5676
Leila Golnar Izadian Director of Development, Student Success
Work(951) 827-1229
Kirsten M Jasna Senior Director of Annual Giving
Work(951) 827-4368
Meredith Hope Johnston Sr. Director of Development, CNAS
Work(951) 827-3067
Jeff Kaatz Assistant Vice Chancellor
Work(951) 827-1923
Natasha Kashefipour Sr. Research Analyst, Constituent Research & Development
Work(951) 827-5400
Kait Keating Associate Director of Development
Work(951) 827-3645
Pat Kohlmeier Executive Director of UCR Foundation and Donor Relations
Work(951) 827-6291
Deidre Kowalczyk-Stowell Assistant Director for Stewardship & Donor Relations
Work(951) 827-4389
Alli Lambert Senior Director of Development-East Coast
Work(951) 534-2406
Samantha Lang Director of Development for Campus-Initiatives
Work(951) 827-4516
Toni Lawrence Director of Development, School of Public Policy
Work(951) 827-5662
Lynne M Marks Administrative Assistant
Work(951) 827-5230
Bridget Kathleen McKay Regional Director of Development
Work(951) 312-3347
Nancy Moreno Frisch Administrative Assistant
Work(951) 827-5611
Hieu T Nguyen Associate Vice Chancellor
Work(951) 827-1286
Marianne Paek Senior Prospect Analyst
Work(951) 827-5614
Marie Peikert Budget & Operations Manager
Work(951) 827-1228
Shane Peterson Regional Director of Development
Work(951) 827-4759
Dana Pike Development Coordinator
Work(951) 827-7172
Krysta Plato Director of Development, Athletics
Work(951) 827-6823
Rachel Pulido Associate Director of Development
Work(951) 827-3505
Dubron M Rabb Associate Director of Development
Work(951) 827-6568
Emily Rankin Sr. Dir. of Development, CHASS
Work(951) 827-4365
Cassie Riger Director, Foundation Development
Work(951) 827-7143
Eveleen D Samayoa Sr Assc Director of Development, CHASS
Work(951) 827-6078
Crystal J Sankey Associate Director of Annual Giving
Work(951) 827-1922
Marie Schultz Assistant Vice Chancellor for Development
Work(951) 827-6302
Jed Schwendiman Sr. Director of Development
Work(951) 827-4897
Steve Siegel Executive Director, Individual Giving
Work(951) 827-5671
Adrian Paul Stevens Sr. Director of Development
Work(951) 827-3644
Tony Truong Director, Gift Planning
Work(951) 827-3793
Mary Catherine Voss Executive Assistant
Work(951) 827-1286
Nicole Weaver-Goller Exec. Dir. of Development, SOM
Work(951) 827-4588
Brittany Lonero Wray Regional Director of Development
Work(978) 697-2819
Brianna Wrightsman Director of Development, CNAS
Work(951) 827-3278
Edna Yohannes Senior Director of Development
Work(951) 236-0529

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