Matching Gifts

What is better than a generous gift to UCR? A gift that has been doubled or tripled thanks to a corporate matching gift! Many companies offer a matching-gift benefit to their employees to inspire charitable giving in support of education. Sometimes the gifts of retirees, members of the board of directors, and spouses are also eligible.

How Do I Get a Matching Gift?

Contact your Human Resources office or benefits manager and ask for a matching-gift application.
Read the program rules and follow the instructions on the matching-gift application. If you are required to send the signed application to UCR, please send it to:

UC Riverside Foundation
PO Box 112
Riverside, CA 92502-0112

After your gift is verified by UCR, your employer will send an additional gift on your behalf!

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Important Information about Gift Matching:

UC Riverside Foundation is a nonprofit corporation through which philanthropic resources flow to the University of California, Riverside. Established in 1977, the foundation raises, records, and manages gifts from individuals, corporations, organizations and foundations for the sole benefit of UCR in accordance with donors' wishes.

  • Our EIN (Employe Identification Number) is 23-7433570. This number is required on certain companies’ matching gift forms.
  • Your company will match your gift only once UC Riverside Foundation has received your payment.

For questions, comments or requests regarding matching gifts please contact:

Delphina Hughes, Matching Gift Specialist
Gift Administration
University of California
1136 Hinderaker Hall, Riverside, CA 92521
Tel: (951) 827-2773
Fax: (951) 827-3487

Matching Gift FAQ

  • What is a Matching Gift?

    Companies set aside millions of dollars every year to support and inspire employee charitable giving. If you are an eligible employee, your gifts to UCR may be doubled or tripled by a matching gift from your employer.

  • Who Is an Eligible Employee?

    Eligibility rules vary from company to company and certain restrictions apply. Sometimes the gifts of spouses, part-time employees, retirees, and members of the board of directors are eligible for matching. Some companies may have a length of service requirement.

  • Why Should I Take the time to Match My Gift?
    • It's obvious you care about UCR and its exceptional programs because you've already made a gift!
    • You can double your gift to UCR without spending another dime!
    • You get credit for the company matching gift in UCR honor roll and gift-club publications!
    • Company Matching funds have been set aside for your benefit. Take advantage of your employer's generosity!
  • What is UC Riverside Foundation’s EIN?

    Our EIN is 23-7433570